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Oceanview casino bay casino hotel in las mandalay vegas Sort of weird like that, I guess, but not threatening, unless you don't like being watched.

Basically, once the last game breaks up, they close. Located on a small side street near oceanview casino Santa Cruz. Doesn't technically have a view of the ocean, but it is oceanview casino about three blocks from casino tuscany shore. The core game, running Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Choices are Hold'em, Crazy Oceanview casino and Omaha. Any game can be played straight high or high-low split, at dealers option. This is a small card club, with often only one game running on weeknights, two or three on spread limit nights. The dealer's choice game is made up almost entirely of a colorful cast of regulars who know each other well.

Tourists and surfers wanting a break from the sea for a few hours show up in the game from night to night and serve as the source of funds. Employees say this should happen "soon". Rake is taken pre-flop. A bit daunting to realize the pot is empty preflop! So much for the "poker begins entertainment casino windsor a struggle for the antes" concept.

Luckily, the players aren't deterred from struggling for what isn't there. Limping oceajview the pot preflop is rarely correct due to the rake structure though common. New players do not need to post, and can choose to wait until the button passes before entering the game. A dollar chip from Ocean View. Note that it's merely a standard chip with some engraving naming the casino. The chip looks really old. Can take quite a while since there's only four tables, or can be instantaneous.

It is rare to see the fourth table in use when there is no tournament going on. An actual storefront in a downtown area, with big "store glass windows" in front so passersby can see everyone playing. Sort of weird like that, I guess, but not threatening, unless you don't like oceanbiew watched. A big skylight in the center casino las reservation vegas the room lets in the sunlight which in Santa Cruz is a lot!

They keep the doors open a lot so the cool ocean breezes can waft through the room, though not so much that your cards fly around or anything. Sometimes, seeing the community cards can be a pain, if the sun is reflecting off them into your eyes. Very much a "neighborhood poker room", but open and friendly and physically open as well.

The original Ocean View was on Front Street, then moved to its current location in story, oceanview casino. Some of the oceanveiw have been playing here for decades. For a period during the late 's, Los Angeles and Casino games golden casino Cruz were the only counties in the state where flop games could be spread legally.

When flop oceanview casino were legalized statewide, the large Bay Area clubs eventually drove Santa Cruz clubs out of business. The Ocean View is the sole living heir of a town with a once-thriving poker scene.

The Ocean View is located at the southern end of Pacific Avenue, a block csaino considered seedier than the rest of downtown, but there is no real threat. During the day, surfers and tourists wander by the front of the room, which oceanview casino in a typical storefront.

The bright sunlight and cool ocean breeze make for a very pleasant walk to the room. At night, expect a little craziness in front of caxino nearby bars. Ask for an escort to your vehicle if you are oceaview about safety; the staff will be happy to walk you to your ofeanview. Some neighborhood atmosphere that you might encounter just outside of the Oceanview; Regular panhandlers, puddles of vomit, free contact high from the ganja smokers, being asked if you have crack for sale, being asked if you want to buy some questionably owned goods DVDs, laptops, bicycles, etc.

Right on a city street with no parking lot. You can park on the street not too hard except at peak shopping timesor park in a city lot. Sometimes this can kill the game for a few minutes. Typical 9 player tables. The cheesy folding chairs this cardroom was ocenaview for, have recently been replaced by a roomfull oceanview casino brand new nicely padded regular casino type chairs.

No service or real oceanview casino. They've got a free water cooler and coffee machine in the back; help yourself. They also have soda, juices, and other beverages, as well as fruit, crackers, diagnostic statistical manual gambling, yogurt, and other snacks available for free to players. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ].

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Oceanview Casino main section: This casino is located in Santa Cruz, California. Oceanview Casino has a total of 0 slots for your enjoyment. World Casino. This is mainly for the Blackjack tables there. Ocean View Card Room is the kind of card room I have been looking for ever since San Jose's 'Garden City Casino' closed. It was awesome playing a Saturday afternoon tournament here right in downtown Santa Cruz in a friendly environment. Ocean View Casino Commercial Oceanview Casino. Loading Unsubscribe from Oceanview Casino.

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